Don’t Forget To Play

The character in this piece was actually an illustration in a book which I’m currently writing. The idea came to me that this would make a good poster, and here we are. I would have made a print available for it through Zazzle, but they have informed me that (somehow) it is in copyright violation.  All the artwork in it is mine, so I don’t know how in the world that could be the problem.  Then I realized the phrase “Don’t Forget To Play” could possibly be the culprit.  I searched for it on Google, and sure enough; another person is making prints available with those words.  Now, I already know that ideas can’t be copywritten, so if I got all technical with them about that being a phrase that I myself thought up on my own (and not something I copied from someone else), I would be right unless the phrase had been trademarked.  But since I try to pick and choose my battles, and the folks at Zazzle have the right to choose their battles as well, I won’t push the issue.



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